Cedars-Sinai Overview

Those of us who were able to attend the Cedars-Sinai presentation heard some exciting presentations. Here are my notes:

Dr. Michele Tagliati, MD presented Symptoms; Redefining PD in which he acknowledged all those non-motor symptoms of PD that thus far, most doctors have ignored. This includes psychiatric issues, sleep disorders, autonomic problems, and sensory problems. As he said, “Ignoring these symptoms leads to a lower quality of life”. So true! He also mentioned that many of these issues precede the onset of the traditional symptoms like brandykenesia and tremor. One thing I found interesting was that some symptoms like constipation are very early – up to 50 years before diagnosis. This does not mean that those with constipation will get Parkinson’s, but now doctors are looking more at the connection.  The other three issues discussed were Sleep Issues (specifically REM Behavior Disorder), Depression and Loss of Sense of Smell.  All this understanding we hope will lead to not just better diagnosis, but also better treatment.

Dr.Ayesha Sherzai presented on Nutrition and Lifestyle. One scary statistic she began with is tha only .4% – yes, point four percent – of Americans have a healthy diet. Yikes! We rank #27 out of 34 industrialized countries. She recommends the following:

  • ü  Lower protein intake
  • ü  Whole food, organic, plant based diet
  • ü  Lower dairy intake – specifically milk
  • ü  Colored “flavonoid” foods are really good for you
  • ü  And, caffeine (up to 2 cups a day) is not just okay, but recommended!

Finally, she emphasized, again, EXERCISE! Not just a little stroll, but at least 10 minutes a day of sweaty movement. You should get to the point that you cannot complete a spoken sentence.

The final speaker was Dr. Echo Tan who introduced us to New Wearable Technologies.  These are really cool, but unfortunately not available at this time.  Keep an eye out for products from Fox Insight Wearables, Kinsesia Products and Global Kinetics Corp.


The place was packed and it is very clear that there is a need for medical specialists in our area. The best news is that Drs Sarah and Erin now have a website! www.movementdocs.com Make sure to click on the Contact Us link and fill in the form to add yourself to their patient list when they get going.  When? They are planning on the beginning of the year.