Whether or not you have Parkinson’s disease, you can participate in Fox Insight to fuel Parkinson’s research. Getting started is easy, and by coming back over time, you’ll give researchers key insights into your unique experience.

  1. Create your Fox Insight account. Fox Insight will prompt you to follow easy steps to tell us a bit about yourself. Because Fox Insight is a clinical study, you’ll also be asked to read and electronically sign an informed consent form.
  2. Fill out the study questionnaires. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be prompted to fill out four study questionnaires: Symptoms, Family Neuro History, Daily Living and Medical History. Completing these questionnaires constitutes your first “study visit.”
  3. Come back in 90 days. Fox Insight aims to collect longitudinal data, or the same data over and over again to show patterns or changes over time. Fox Insight will remind you to come back for your next study visit to fill out your questionnaires.
  4. And 90 days after that. You get the picture. Fox Insight will email you every 90 days when it’s time to come back for your next study visit. Each visit should take no longer than 20 minutes, but entering your data again and again can have an incredible impact on PD research.
  5. Use Fox Insight Tools. Visit your dashboard to take advantage of various tools to help you manage your care. You’ll find an Appointment Keeper to remind you of upcoming doctor visits, a Physcian’s Report to fill out before your next appointment, printable summaries of your questionnaires, access to other clinical trials in your area, and more.